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The Where to Buy Wiki Elevator Pitch:
We are a website of multiple writers writing articles on the best places to buy products online and offline.

How Does that work?
WTB is a site where anyone can leave their shopping expertise into helpful guides so people that read the article can find products that please them more and at a better price. Each article is reviewed by an official editor but that does not mean it is perfect or complete. It is then visible and others can read what is there. Anyone can become an editor and fix misspellings or give better ideas on where to buy things. Once comfortable  they can write articles from scratch. Shops and stores change and things go out of stock at some places. No page will stay the same forever. With this process of people becoming editors and then writers, all articles edited and approved and then improvements made to all articles.

How does one become a editor?
You can signup on the registration page

Is there a format suggested for the article?
Yes there is a recommended outline in the writing forum.

Are there any topics that you do not accept?
Yes we do not have articles on adult themed, alcoholic, illegal, or firearms at this time. That may change at some point in the future

What language(s) are the shopping guides?
At this time all articles are in English

What areas are the articles for?
They are for the USA and Canada market at this time.

Where can I learn more?
There are Forums for the 4 main activities you can do on Where to Buy
1) Read
2) Shop
3) Write
4) Help

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